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With Chantal Guillou-Brennan CHT, CQHHT, IEMP.

Pay $50 deposit or full fee for your session. Thank you.

Your deposit will be applied to your balance on the day of your session. A 4% fee applies to all credit card transactions.

Additional Information on each type of Session

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ sessions are usually 3.5 hour long. My session tend to be longer for a few reasons. First, I will not stop in the midst of a past life because your time is up!
    Rather than reading your 10 questions, we will review these and more so I understand exactly what it is that you want to know and I’m prepared to follow-up on the answers from your Higher Self as needed.
    By the end of this process we may have 30 questions or more. After which, I lead you into a comfortable state of hypnosis to explore 1 or more past lives.
    One other detail that makes my QHHT slightly different is that my focus is on therapeutic benefit rather than pure exploration, instead of going to any past life, I ask your Higher Self to choose a life that will answers your questions or addresses a specific issue.
    Another point that needs notice is that as a certified Hypnotherapist, if your Higher Self brings you to an event in your present life, we will explore and bring resolution/healing to that younger self before proceeding to a past life. I trust that the HS choose this for a good reason and to force the person to view a past life instead may potentially exacerbate an issue that needed to be healed in the present life first.
    Unlike a conventional QHHT session, if you perceive a departed in between lives or a spiritual guide is here for you, I trust that your HS has allowed this to occur for your highest good. Hence, we may explore this encounter but not linger there as in a Soul Life Between Lives Session...
    Your QHHT session may include energy medicine.
    Investment; $200 with $50 deposit to reserve your appointment.

  • Soul Centered Hypnosis

    Soul Centered Hypnosis combined the best of therapeutic hypnosis with a “soul centered” approach. Enlisting the help of your Higher Self to escort the parts of the Self or the Soul to a place of healing, peace and ultimately integration with the Soul. The goal is healing the Self and the Soul with Love honor and respect.
    When we leave the body, dense heavy energy of trauma cannot integrate with the higher frequency of the Soul. These energies/parts remain in limbo until the Soul chooses another body, and life scenario, to heal these.
    Soul Centered Hypnosis identifies the “parts,” keeping you from achieving your life purpose, and goes one step further, to integrate them, either with the Self when pertaining to the present life or with the Soul when pertaining to a past life or another Soul. 
    The Soul has myriads of expression throughout eternity. When an issue is resolved in one life expression the lesson is learn for the Soul and the healing applies for all the life expressions. Evolution is then possible. It is no surprise that past life regression is becoming so popular. Many Souls are coming to the end of their cycle of reincarnation and need to clear attachments from past life and entanglements with other souls as well as old traumas, heavy dense emotions and thought forms from their field to free themselves from the pull of karma. As such Soul Centered Hypnosis may be a catalyst to your own Soul evolution. 
    Similar to QHHT when it comes to working with the Higher Self Soul Centered Hypnosis focuses of the therapeutic benefits. What are the signs of attachment, entanglement and Obsession?  
    Investment: $200 with $50 deposit to reserve your appointment.

  • Soul Life Between Lives

    Soul Life Between Lives can be done after you have had a past life regression or a QHHT session. A SLBL is about 4 hours. During a Soul Life Between Lives session, you are led into a state of deep hypnosis and taken into the Spirit World. Once there, you personally meet your Spirit Guide, your Soul Cluster Group and, most importantly, you can seek guidance from your own Council of Elders about any problems, issues or concerns in your present lifetime.
    You can also visit the Place of Body Selection where you chose your present body and find out why you selected this particular body and why you chose your parents.
    The focus is an exploratory one, yet  you may receive healing at any level as a result of gaining awareness and understanding. The Council never judges, condemns or expresses any form of anger or negative energy. Every life is reviewed from a higher point of learning, and most clients refer to this meeting as very important, supportive and comforting.
    The guides also support and help the soul to clarify questions and behaviors. The Elders always respect our free will and as such, we often have the sense that they do not hold a firm idea about our future lives.
    Depending of the life experience on earth of the Soul the council may appear more friendly or serious, comprised of 3 to 12 elders. 
    Through this process, you have opportunities for learning, healing and tracing the threads of your own soul history. More importantly, you can better understand your path and purpose in your current lifetime as you foster a greater integration of mind, body and spirit in your daily life.
    Investment: $200 with $50 deposit to reserve your appointment.

  • Past Life Regression • Future Life Progression • Jump in Future

    In these 2 hour session, the notion of past present and future being an illusion, as the Soul expresses itself in the “now” throughout eternity, may help you understand the value of such regression, progression and jumps. Investment for each: Investment: $150 with $50 deposit to reserve your appointment.

    Past life Regression sessions are 2 hour long and the focus is on viewing 1 past life in detail or 2 shorter past lives. These are exploratory in nature with little to no focus on therapy.
    After reviewing the reason to have a past life regression as well as getting an overview of the member of your current family who may show up in your session, we proceed to the hypnosis session. If your past life is about 45 minutes we proceed to ask what was learn and what was the purpose of that life.
    On some occasion a person has shorter experience in this case we may look at 2 or more other past lives always asking what was learned after viewing the end of each life.
    I then bring you back to the present and we review the information you received.  

    Future Life Progression is a 2-hour jump into a parallel universe to meet your successful-self and the focus is generally of a personal nature to receive clarity about an challenge in the present life or to learn way to improve a skill or talent.
    Artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, healers, writers, scientists, usually seek this method to receive insight about the evolution of their art or particular field or skill.
    After reviewing the reason to take a jump to observe your successful-self,  we proceed to the hypnosis session. The focus of the session determines if we persist on a current time line or seek to visit another.
    After meeting the successful-self, I help you integrate the energy of success in your present life. I then bring you back to the present and we review the information you received. 

    Jump Into the Future is a 2 hour exploratory journey into one of your incarnation in the “future.” Jumping hundreds or thousands of year into the “future” to explore that space/time. 
    You come to me with at least 5 questions that you want to have answered. We work with your Higher-Self to reach the best possible time line for you to receive insight about your interest.
    Artists, innovators, healers, writers, scientists, usually seek this method to receive insight about the evolution of their art or particular field or skill.
    The notion of past present and future being an illusion as the Soul expresses itself in the “now” throughout eternity may help you understand the value of such regression, progression and jumps. 

  • Ask You higher Self

    Ask Your Higher Self is 2-3 hour session depending of the number of questions that you want to address. It is recommended to have had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ session or a prior past life regression session. The focus is on asking specific questions to the Higher Self without having to view a past life before accessing the realm of the Higher Self. The advantage of these sessions is that it teaches you how to connect with your Higher Self for healing and guidance. With the proper training to entrain your brain in the theta waves as in the hypnotic trance, you are then able to do this on your own.
    Some common questions are:
     Why am I here?
    What is my soul's life purpose?
    Why did I choose these relationships — both loving and difficult?
    What am I supposed to accomplish in this life?
    Why did I select this body?
    Investment: $150 with $50 deposit to reserve your appointment.

  • Hypno-Dream

    During this 2 to 3 hour session, we will review your dream, then apply the principle of dream therapy and dream interpretation to reveal the focus of the hypnosis session. You will then reinter the dream under hypnosis to find answers and healing. The therapeutic value of Hypno-Dream is often under estimated as dreams are a window into our Soul and our subconscious. Any dream element holds wisdom and a deeper meaning than first perceive in the waking state.
    The content of the dream may lead to work with the Higher Self or past life related challenges as some dream are memories of past lives. If the dream is related to a past trauma it may lead to Soul Centered Hypnosis protocol to find resolution.
    Investment: $150 with $50 deposit to reserve your appointment.


  • Just finished listening to the session. Wowee! Intense to say the least. Thank you so much for hanging in there with all the questions I had brought with me. I sincerely appreciate the generosity of your time and your devotion to the work.
    I have felt a difference physically, emotionally and mentally.
    I had to stop taking my blood pressure medication for the past two days as I went as low as 94/60 and thought I was just going to drop. My palpitations have been moderate given the fact that the sun was over the top active with a solar wind affecting the planet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    The grief release was tremendous. Thoughts of (- - -) being gone have not even entered my mind and the only crying I have done in three days was today when I listened to myself crying the two or three times on the recording. I feel like a huge burden has been dissolved. I saw my massage therapist the next day and before the session she (who is pretty intuitive with energy) said, "What's different about you? Your eyes look more alive and you feel lighter.
    Most importantly was all the valuable information that came forth for my purpose, my healing, establishing kinship and possibly what I can anticipate as my future path. I will be digesting this for quite a while, but the timing of meeting you could not have been better. Again, much gratitude for the work you do.

    Roberta C. New Haven, CT.

  • Since my QHHT session I have seen great improvement in my neck pain and the lessening of migraines that had been frequent painful experiences. On another level, the emotional static at home has improved as well. But most important for me was the connection with my subconscious that I experienced during my session. Prior to that I had received messages, feelings, knowings. But in the session, I could hear a voice come through me that was different, stronger, more definite, wiser and that even sounded different than the me that I had always experienced. I feel as if I have truly met my higher self and this is a source of deep peacefulness for me. I felt that Chantal was a wonderful guide on this journey, not pushing me nor holding me back, just right there for the experience.

    —Jamie D. Shelton, CT



  • Integrative Energy Medicine Treatment

    Integrative Energy Medicine includes a combination of Advance Energy Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu (acupuncture without needles), Shamanism, EFT.
    You may request a pure Reiki or Jin shin Jyutsu or EFT… session as well.
    First sessions are 2 hour long as they includes a full evaluation of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition to devise a treatment plan. After which you receive a full treatment focused on bring back harmony of body mind and spirit. Subsequent sessions are 60-90 minute long. It is suggested that you book 3 sessions because although you will see result right away in your physical symptoms, the body take a little time to relearn/implement the correct energy pathways and also it take time for us to reveal the original wound that initiated the unhealthy energy pattern that affects the body.
    In average, it has been noticed that at first symptoms return after 4 to 7 days depending of the severity of the issue. Therefore it is recommended to have your first 3 sessions one-week apart then stretch the time between sessions until you no longer need treatment. Of course this rhythm is different with each person.
    Between session you will be given exercises like a few acupressure pressure point to press to stimulate energy flow within the meridian system, Mudras–finger acupressure, also acting on the meridian system, or visualization, and EFT.  If you diligently doing these exercises you will recover faster Investment: 
    First session $150. Regular session, are $100. with a $50 deposit to secure your appointment.
    You may choose to get a packages of 3 sessions for $250 after your first session.
    You also have the option to experience the Far-infrared Biomat with Jade and tourmaline and negative ions.
    You can read about the research on my website.

  • Family Constellation

    Family Constellation can be done in two ways: In a group setting Family Constellation is beneficial for the whole group and it is a wonderful way to understand the process as it is more expressive. Family Constellation is also done one-on-one using figurines and symbols to represent the different parties involved in the constellation. This method is often preferred for two reason. First there is no risk of having one of the participant go into their own wounds and disrupt the field; second with a one-on-one session, you may open up more freely and not be self conscious or keep information hidden because of the presence of the group.  However both are just as powerful.
    What you can expect from a family Constellation work.
    •  The most important thing for you is to come to have a clear intent of what it is that you want to work on.
    •  A session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes long.
    •  The first part of the session is to examine the issue and your family tree so to speak to identify the players in your constellation.
    •  Family constellation can address most systemic issue that have their origin within your family system,  your own history and the history of your ancestors.
    •  If you want a constellation for someone other than yourself, this person must be related to you by blood, unless it is a child that you have adopted and therefore is considered part of the system, yet the constellation will still include their family of origin (with the information that you have or not).
    •  Our goal is to identify where and when the natural flow of love–that exist between parent/children/sibling... has be interrupted by an event or trauma and to reestablish this flow of love. The process involves identifying hidden loyalties that are causing disruption in the life of the person for whom the constellation is made.
    •  In my personal experience the resolution from a FC or IFC may be perceive right away or years after the work is done.
    •  The effects of a FC or IFC are noticeable throughout the family system.
    •  In some instance the issue that is uncovered is related to an other incarnation (past life) and therefore is outside the family blood line
    •   There are subtle ways to identify this possibility. However since we all tend to incarnate within our "soul group" past life issue may involve blood line relatives. If this is the case it may be advisable for you to consider  a past life regression therapy such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and Soul Centered Therapy which can address deeper emotional trauma in this life and in past life to integrated them respectively with the Self or the soul.
    Investment: $100 with a $50 deposit to secure your appointment.

  • Spiritual Coaching

    Spiritual Coaching focuses on the issue you are facing in the moment. It is recommended to have a series of at least three sessions. You will have exercises and practices to implement between sessions. The focus is to reconnect you to your soul path and help you lead the life you were meant to have. You discover your strength, talents and innate skills and learn to shed the past and eliminated limiting beliefs and undesirable habits. Investment: $75.

  • Shamanic Healing: Soul Retrieval & Psychopomp for Grief

    Shamanic Healing: Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp. Independently to a Integrative Energy Medicine treatment Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp are offered to resolve grief from the loss of a loved one. Psychopomp is done to ensure that the departed has moved on into the spirit realm and is not wandering, lost on the earth plane. Soul Retrieval is done in this context to support the healing process of the grieving person.
    Both Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp are done for the client in the same session. This shamanic journey is always done remotely for the departed and also to bring peace of mind to the living.
    For cases not involving the loss of a loved one, it may be better to seek Soul Centered Hypnosis which works directly with the “soul” parts.

  • House Clearing • Deposession

    This shamanic process is done when there is disturbance in a home or the home give off “unpleasant vibes” or accidents and misfortune keep happening in that home.
    The house clearing begin with a full sweep of each floor and room; and scanning for entities. If any are found Psychopomp is done on the spot. After the house is clear it is spray with essential oil to raise the vibration of the home. For stubborn Spirit there may be a protocol to implement after departure. The home is sealed to keep other spirit from coming in.
    Length of process varies with the size of your home and type of phenomenon encountered. Please send me an email or call me to discuss your needs.

  • Ministry Services

    As an ordained interfaith minister, I can perform may different types of ceremonies.
    Your wedding and tailor the ceremony to your faith or liking. We work together; meet at least one prior to the ceremony in person or via Skype. Minimum donation of $100 is accepted

    Life Transition into Soul Life. This is a spiritual coaching done with the family and person expecting to transition. It may involve several sessions to prepare for the time of death. Both the person dying and the living are part of the process, which ends when the person transitioned into the after life. In some instance, I may be present at the time of transition and will escort the soul into the realm of sprit as it is done during Psychopomp. If I am not present at the time of death then Psychopomp is done transition.

    Right of passage and coming of age are ceremonies that mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. They can also be adapted to your personal need/faith or I may suggest a ceremony or ritual to mark this important event. Minimum donation of $100 is accepted


Relax, drum then explore the nature of reality and challenge yourself to growth and shed the past in a safe and supportive environment with our 2 Spiritual Awakening Drum Circles New theme every month from past life regressiong to self healing exercises at 2 locations in Milford CT and online via Zoom. Or experience Family Constellation on 2nd Tuesday Monthly, at Awaken the Power Therapy in Milford CT. See details