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    What if You Could...
    Speak to Your Higher Self
    Enlist the Help of Your Guides
    Resolve Unexplained Challenge
    Release Emotional Trauma
    Rewire Your Brain
    and more...
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    The best of therapeutic hypnosis with a Soul Centered approach.
    Receive wisdom and healing as you relax in a comfortable meditative state.
    Fully guided and supported as you travel through time...
    Visit with departed, your soul group and Spirit guides....


Combining the Power of Hypnosis, Shamanism and Energy Medicine with Spiritual Guidance.
Chantal Guillou-Brennan uses clairvoyance to perceive/help her client's experiences during hypnosis.
Her energy medicine training enables her to ask pertinent questions about health healing in other time and places.

QHHT Regression

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ sessions are usually 3.5 hour long. You come to me with at least 10 questions that we review together. After which, I lead you into a comfortable state of hypnosis to explore one or more past lives. Then it is time to ask your Higher Self your questions and do a “scan” of the body to request healing. We may briefly visit the realm between lives if a departed or guide is present at the end of a past life. If called for your QHHT session may include energy medicine.

Soul Centered Hypnosis

Soul Centered Hypnosis combined the best of therapeutic hypnosis with a soul-centered approach. In partnership with your Higher Self, we identify the root cause of the issue to find resolutions. The HS may bring us to the origin of that issue (fear, phobia, addiction, unwanted behavior, difficult relationships, karma, blocks, purpose…); or identify attachments that contribute to these in past or present life. Each healing process is unique and initiated by your 10 question or concerns.

Soul Life Between Lives

Soul Life Between Lives is done after you’ve had a past life regression or QHHT. A session is about 4 hours long. In state of deep hypnosis you are taken into the Spirit World where you meet your Spirit Guide, Soul Cluster Group and, most importantly, the Council of Elders where you can ask questions about any challenges in your present lifetime… You may also visit the Place of Body Selection to find out why you selected this particular body and why you chose your parents. You will gain wisdom, healing and understand your Soul path and purpose.

Regression in Past or Future

Past life Regression is 2 hour long to experience 1 or more past lives. These are exploratory in nature yet healing is possible.
Future Life Progression is a 2 hour jump into a parallel universe to meet your "successful self." The focus is to receive clarity about an challenge in the present life.
Jump Into the Future is a 2 hour exploratory journey into one of your incarnation hundred or thousand of year into the future–ideal for fiction writers and explorer or time.

Ask Your Higher Self

Ask Your Higher Self takes 2-3 hour. Ideal if you had PLR or QHHT session. The focus is on asking specific questions to the Higher Self without having to view a past life before accessing the realm of the Higher Self. It teaches you how to communicate with your Higher Self for healing and guidance. With the proper training to entrain your brain in the theta waves as in the hypnotic trance, you are then able to do this on your own. Questions can be about anything related to you or the working of the universe!

Hypno-Dream Therapy

During this 2 to 3 hour session, we will review your dream, then apply the principle of dream therapy and dream interpretation to reveal the focus of the hypnosis session. You will then reinter the dream under hypnosis to find answers and healing. The therapeutic value of Hypno-Dream is often under estimated as dreams are a window into our Soul and our subconscious. Any dream element holds wisdom and a deeper meaning than first perceive in the waking state. The content of the dream may lead to work with the Higher Self or past life related challenges as some dream are memories of past lives. If the dream is related to a past trauma it may lead to Soul Centered Hypnosis protocol to find resolution.

Chantal Guillou-Brennan

Certified Hypnotherapist • Certified QHHT™ • Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner/Teacher


Chantal's goal is to help you get unstuck and find direction in your life, to discover the aspirations of your Soul and align these with the desires of the Self.

Certified hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists she is Connecticut licensed and certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ past life regression, by Dolores Cannon. As a result of her experience in energy medicine and here ministerial service, she guides client to visit the realm of their Soul. She developed Soul Centered Hypnosis to address personal challenges and limiting belief on a multidimensional level of existence.

Although her interest healing ability began as a child, she is an energy medicine practitioner and teacher certified in EFT, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Pranic Healing and Family Constellation. She graduated from IHAS’ four year energy medicine program which included a two year internship completed at the Milford Hospital. She studied Shamanism with various traditions and practices/teaches Shamanic healing and Shamanism as a mean to expand your Awareness of the multiverse. She is an interfaith Minister in the Order of Melchizedeck..

She is the founder of the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute dedicated to the research and application of energy medicine as well as the nature of consciousness through the development of High Sensory Perception. She teaches: Reiki, EFT, Advance Energy Medicine and the Mastery of Awareness™ program which includes Shamanic Studies, Psychic Development and more. You can review the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute program of study here.

Reiki was the first healing modality that she was trained in. After that her life went on a fast track as if reconnected to her Soul path. Hence she considers, Reiki 1 to be most important of class of all. She has developed a Reiki 1 class that includes everything from all three levels to heal yourself, raise your vibration to be reconnected to your Soul path.

Her practice is located in Milford, CT; however Zoom or Skype private sessions are also available. Contact her to request a complimentary 20 minute phone evaluation. She speaks English and French fluently and understands Spanish.

She is a Certified Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a member of the QHHT™ Support Forum.


When I met Chantal for my QHHT session, I was not sure what to expect. I had read about QHHT, but was feeling a bit apprehensive. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with Chantal. She took the time and consideration to discuss many details of my life to ensure I would have a knowledgeable and enjoyable experience. I was able to connect to a part of my past which has enabled me to stop questioning my own faults and move forward with love, joy and contentment in my current life. Chantal is a wonderful, caring person and I would highly recommend a session with her for anyone who wants to develop a deeper consciousness of who they are and feel whole. —Donna from Branford, CT

Just finished listening to the session. Wowee! Intense to say the least. Thank you so much for hanging in there with all the questions I had brought with me. I sincerely appreciate the generosity of your time and your devotion to the work.
I have felt a difference physically, emotionally and mentally.
I had to stop taking my blood pressure medication for the past two days as I went as low as 94/60 and thought I was just going to drop. My palpitations have been moderate given the fact that the sun was over the top active with a solar wind affecting the planet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The grief release was tremendous. Thoughts of (- - -) being gone have not even entered my mind and the only crying I have done in three days was today when I listened to myself crying the two or three times on the recording. I feel like a huge burden has been dissolved. I saw my massage therapist the next day and before the session she (who is pretty intuitive with energy) said, "What's different about you? Your eyes look more alive and you feel lighter.
Most importantly was all the valuable information that came forth for my purpose, my healing, establishing kinship and possibly what I can anticipate as my future path. I will be digesting this for quite a while, but the timing of meeting you could not have been better. Again, much gratitude for the work you do. — Roberta C., Milford CT.

Hello Chantal,
I want to thank you for a lovely session. We spent a long time together. I appreciate your dedication and trust in the process. I witnessed your patience and very skillful way of summarizing my 'issues' and questions, of which were many!
I never felt uncomfortable. You gave me great hope and faith that I, too, could do this because it would not be me doing it, but Spirit coming through. This is something I did not understand, and now it is becoming more clear.
Thank you, and have a great weekend. — Rebecca F. from Stamford, CT

Since my QHHT session I have seen great improvement in my neck pain and the lessening of migraines that had been frequent painful experiences. On another level, the emotional static at home has improved as well. But most important for me was the connection with my subconscious that I experienced during my session. Prior to that I had received messages, feelings, knowings. But in the session, I could hear a voice come through me that was different, stronger, more definite, wiser and that even sounded different than the me that I had always experienced. I feel as if I have truly met my higher self and this is a source of deep peacefulness for me. I felt that Chantal was a wonderful guide on this journey, not pushing me nor holding me back, just right there for the experience. — Jamie D. Shelton, CT

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to prepare for my hypnosis session?

    • Avoid stimulant before your session, or substance than may make you drowsy and sleepy. If you are on medication that may affect your session please let me know ahead of time.
    • Have a clear intention of what the purpose of you session is.
    • Have your questions ready so you mind can be at rest you can get a good night sleep!

  • Preparing for QHHT, SLBL and Hypno-Dream

    For past life regression and QHHT: write down at least 10 questions or concerns that you would like to ask your Higher Self.

    For Soul Centered Hypnosis and Hypno-Dream: Have a clear intent of what it is that you are seeking to resolve. It can be anything from smoking cessation, or a phobia or relationship issue to a unexplained event or dream and limiting beliefs or repeating thought pattern.

    • For Soul Life Between Lives
    1- Schedule a past life regression session with me prior to doing a Soul Life Between Lives session if you have never experienced one with me.
    2- Write down a list of 8-10 people who are important to you in your current life from your past and present: family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, mentors, lovers, spouses and children. Include anyone who has helped to shape your life, positively or negatively, in a significant manner. List their first name, their relationship to you, some information about how you feel about that person, and a few brief words that describe their personality. These are the people who have had the most impact on your life.
    3- Create a brief list of questions that you would like to have answered by the Council of Wise Elders or your Spiritual guide and members of you Soul group.

  • What type of hypnosis is used for the regression sessions?

    This is not stage hypnotism but medical hypnotism. The depth of the state of trance varies with each individual. About 4% will go deeper than most and will not remember their experience. The session is recorded and you get a copy of this recording. The majority of clients will be semi conscious riding the trance state like a wave. Becoming conscious at time, which gives them the impression that they remember their session, until they listen to the recording and notice the gaps in their recollection. The hypnotic trance is similar to deep mediation or shamanic journey in which the brain enter the cycle of Theta waves that we experience twice a day just before we go to sleep and as we awaken. The “wave perception is like a dual awareness where part of your mind knows that you are having a conversation but another part of your mind tunes out the distractions and just pays attention to the memories that are coming to the surface.

  • Will I be able to be hypnotized?

    In my experience everyone can be hypnotized. It is the mindset of, what hypnotism should be, that may creates a block. Hypnosis is into like a drug that will take over your consciousness. You are in control of how deep you want to go. You must want to be hypnotized and find answers to your questions. Self-conscious fear of what may be revealed is the most common block. Therefore, remember that your higher self is the one choosing your experience with your highest good being the priority! Expectation is another. Trust that you will receive what you need. Another may be a guarded attitude on hyper-vigilance which may call for personal work first in the present life before exploration of past lives.
    The majority of people will have past lives recall memories in the first session. However, there are a percentage of people that will require work in the present life before they can view a past life. I have seen people with childhood trauma needing 2 to four session before they can explore past lives. I believe that the higher self chooses to clear these present traumas before uncovering past life experiences that would create more stress.
    Some people think that they are making up the experience at first. However, if you can just allow the process to unfold, imagination becomes the doorway to the deep unconscious mind where the memories of past lives and between lives are stored. Before you know it you are in the experience.

  • Will I remember the experience?

    Yes, you will remember the highlights of the experience. There is a recording of the session provided if you want to review the information.

  • Do I have to believe in past lives?

    No. You can look at the memories as metaphors or a dream surfacing from your subconscious. If time is an illusion then what are past lives? From the therapeutic point of view, I would say that it really doesn’t matter. And we can leave this debate to philosopher and other seeker of truth. Yet, as long as it brings healing, peace, direction in the form of wisdom and revelation, I trust the process and the guidance that I perceive as real.

  • Will I have to experience the pain of a difficult past life?

    No. You do not have to. Some past lives can be very emotional and if you are experiencing discomfort, I use suggestions to disassociate you from the experience so you look at it from the observer point of view. You do not need to re-experience the trauma. However in some case the experience itself is important and again we trust the HS to allow only what is for your highest good.

  • What happens in a Past Life Regression session?

    The most important aspect is your intention for the session. A simple past life session may focus on exploration to satisfy curiosity. This doesn’t make them less rich and relevant than one sought to find answers to a question or challenge. If you want to know the origin of certain repeating patterns, emotions we focus on that. If you are coming for a QHHT session then we review your questions thoroughly before the hypnosis session. Some of your question may be to reveal gifts and talents that can be awaken in your life. If you don’t have a specific we let your HS guide you to whatever life would be helpful for you to experience. You are led to whatever is relevant to your current life and what you are ready to remember.
    I always review your background in the event that a relative shows up in a past life. Then, I guide you into a deeply relaxed state using guided imagery and progressive relaxation. When you are in that relaxed state I give a suggestion to go to the origin or root of whatever your issues or question is or we leave it open-ended and allow your Higher Self to take you to the relevant life. When the memories and impressions come to the surface, I gently ask you questions about the significant events, themes and people of that past lifetime. I transition you to view significant events and through the death scene (without the intensity of the original experience) into the spirit realm where you may connect with guide or relatives from that past life.
    After which we ask that past life persona what it learnt from this life, and what was the purpose of that life. Later we will get the perspective of the Higher Self. I’ll ask why it choose these/this specific past life and what you needed to remember/learn from this. From that compassionate, non-judgmental and wise perspective we review the significance of the past life. Then I ask your questions and you answer in your own voice as your higher Self (which is you at a higher frequency.) I request a scan of the physical, emotional/mental and karmic bodies to reveal the need for healing. Your guides, Higher Self, perform healing as I coach you to witness the process and release or forgiveness of self or others.

  • Is physical healing possible with QHHT™ or SCH?

    Yes it is possible and it has occurred with hypnosis, and other healing modality that may be use in the course of your treatment. However if you were born with a particular condition there may be a reason for it and a something that you need to learn from it.
    During QHHT or SCH we can ask the reason for such challenge. Some condition may be the result of past life experience/trauma. One client who could not have children relived 3 past lives in one session where she either died in childbirth or her child died in childbirth. She had vowed not to be pregnant again. We focused on healing these past life “identities” to integrate them with the Soul, so the issue never need to be revisited in other lives.

  • What happens in a Life Between Lives session?

    The preliminary process is similar to the Past life Regression which is the platform to enter life between lives realm. Then we reinter your most recent past life for a brief review and then continue through the death of that lifetime into the life between lives spiritual state.
    The experience that you have is individual and where you are directed is dependent on what your Soul needs to learn. However, some typical experiences include a meeting with your spirit guides, a life review with your the Council of Elders with an opportunity to ask questions and a reunion with your soul group to find out your group soul purpose and lessons. It is a remembrance of your true spiritual identity.

  • What should I do following the session?

    The experience is intense and you will need rest. It is important to give yourself time to process and integrate the experience of the session. You are asked not to talk about it for three days and also not to listen to the recording especially is you received healing. Later you may want to journal, meditate, share your experience… Pay attention to your dreams several days after the session because more information is sometimes revealed at night. In some intense the Higher self will ask you to support the healing with a change in diet, or recommendation to be continued for a set period of time.

  • What other options do you offer?

    If there were any patterns or blocks that are holding you back from fulfilling your life’s purpose, consider doing more work with me to clear those unconscious limiting beliefs, cellular memories and unfinished business. 95% of all our decisions are made from the subconscious part of the self; only 5% are made from a conscious place. The hard truth is that the majority of neuropathways responsible for these automatic responses were created before the age of seven! I have many methods to help you get unstuck and move forward including hypnotherapy, integrative energy medicine which includes a combination of modalities in which I am trained and certified: Family Constellation, EFT, Jin Sin Jyutsu, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Pranic Healing. I continue to study the energy body and the nature of consciousness and invite you to browse through the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute’s website to learn more.

A Practice to Raise Your Vibration & Reconnect to Your Soul Path.

Discover Reiki-Love in this Reiki 1 class teaching how to heal yourself and transmute toxins, release blocks, protect yourself from psychic attacks and much more. During this full day certification training receive 4 attunements during which you meet your spiritual guide who will be working with you as you practice Reiki on yourself and others. Learn to give a Reiki treatment, plus additional hand positions to boost your immune system, regulate the thyroid, an homonal balance and eye health treatment. Healing Body, Mind and Spirit for Joyful Living.


When looking for evidence of past lives, we often overlook evidence that is 'hiding in plain sight'.

Reincarnation - Airplane Boy (abc Primetime)

Six decades ago, a 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot on a mission over the Pacific was shot down by Japanese artillery. His name might have been forgotten, were it not for 6-year-old James Leininger.

Additional Videos

Evidence of Past Lives in Everyday Life

The most common and most overlooked influence of past lives on the present life is in the area of gender identification. Past lives contribute the most to an individual "feeling like" a man or a woman "on the inside" and even on the outside. Many lives in one gender or trauma s a man or woman in a past life can contribute to confusion and discomfort.

The "déjà vu" experience is the feeling that we have been somewhere or done something before when we could not possibly "have been there or done that." When in Hawaii, I not only have the feeling of being home, but when close to a sacred site, I feel a physical pull towards it, regardless of it’s accessible. In one instance, looking for Vagina Cave I began walking in a field when I suddenly felt myself pulled in the opposite direction and walk straight to the entrance of the cave. Déjà vu experiences can also be the result of nightly astral projection. As a child I had many of these but my memory of the place I was describing to my confused parents was aerial.

Child prodigies are children who are born with extremely advanced expertise. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart believed that he had been a musician in many past lives where he had developed his amazing technical skills. Xenoglossy on the other hand is someone displaying the ability to speak or write in a language that was not learned. Cases of xenoglossy are the hardest to explain - other than in the context of past lives. A client of mine once began to speak in a Native American tongue, which I asked her to translate under hypnosis. She later verified the meaning of these words.

Multiple or severe birth defects may have been chosen be way to become the perfect vehicles for the working off of serious and complex karmic conditions arising from past lives. Birthmarks or other physiological manifestations have been found to relate to experiences of past lives, particularly violent death. In his book "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect: Birthmarks and Birth Defects," Ian Stevenson relates how past life traumas become so embedded in an individual's cellular memory that they are carried from one life to the next.

As an infant I dreamt that during an earthquake, I was buried alive under falling rubbles. Nights after nights for years, I awoke suffocating under the covers. I have had many dreams in which I'm a different person all together in places that I have never visited. Watch video for verifiable memories of past lives. The particularities and specific details that were given by the children ranged from anything to names, personalities, and occupations of their former parents and siblings to the precise layouts of the houses where they lived at that time including the memory of their death.

"Love at First Sight" is a well-documented historical phenomenon, from Caesar and Cleopatra to King Henry II and Eleanor d'Aquitaine. Obsessions and compulsions may be traceable to a past life where they originated. When it does the person is freed from the OCD. The spiritual purpose of OCD is to force the individual to seek the answer to why they are now being "plagued" with thoughts and behaviors that they apparently have "no control over." On the other hand the origin of OCD may be related to a family entanglement for which I would use Individual Family Constellation to bring resolution to. Or to a soul attachment which Soul Centered Hypnosis is the preferred method of liberation.